• Wirecable

Silicone powder for Wire & cable

The trend toward LOW smoke halogen-free flame retardants has placed new processing demands on wire and cable manufacturers. The new wire and cable compounds are heavily loaded and can create issues with processing release, die drool, poor surface quality, and pigment/filler dispersion. Our silicone additives are based on different resins to ensure optimum compatibility with the thermoplastic. Incorporating SILIKE LYSI series silicone masterbatch significantly improves the material flow, extrusion process, slip surface touch and feel, and creates a synergistic effect with flame-retardant fillers.

They are widely used in LSZH/HFFR wire and cable compounds, silane crossing linking XLPE compounds, TPE wire, Low smoke & low COF PVC compounds. Making wire and cable products eco-friendly, safer, and stronger for better end-use performance.

 Low smoke zero halogen wire and cable compounds

 Halogen-free flame retardant wire and cable compounds


Improve the material melt flow, Optimize extrusion process

Reduce torque and die drool, Faster extruding line speed

Improve filler dispersion, Maximize productivity

Lower coefficient of friction with good surface finish

Good synergy effect with flame retardant

Recommend products: Silicone Masterbatch LYSI-401, LYSI-402

Low smoke zero
Silane Cross-linked

 Silane Cross-linked cable compounds

 Silane grafted XLPE compound for wires and cables


Improve processing of resin & surface quality of products

Prevent pre-crosslink of resins during extrusion process

No effect on final cross-link & its velocity

Enhance surface smoothness , faster extrusion line speed

Recommend products: Silicone Masterbatch LYSI-401, LYPA-208C

• Low smoke PVC cable compounds

 Low coefficient of friction PVC cable compounds


Improve processing properties

Significantly reduce the coefficient of friction

Durable abrasion &scratch resistance

Reduce surface defect (bubble during extrusion)

Enhance surface smoothness , faster extrusion line speed

Recommend products: Silicone Powder LYSI-300C, Silicone Masterbatch LYSI-415

Low smoke PVC
TPU cable compounds

 TPU cable compounds


Improve processing properties and surface smoothness

Reduce coefficient of friction

Provide TPU cable with durable scratch & abrasion resistance

Recommend product :Silicone Masterbatch LYSI-409

 TPE wire compounds

 Key Benefits


Improve processing and flow of resins

Reduce extrusion shear rate

Impart dry & soft hand feel

Better anti-abrasion and scratch property

Recommend products: Silicone Masterbatch LYSI-401, LYSI-406

TPE wire compound